Don’t touch my soul with dirty hands – Nebraska loves this quote

Not Nebraska, Massachusetts (also not a real place in that world. Nebraska is a state in a country called The United States Of America there), but Nebraska, Call Me Betty And Smack My Hiney.

You know how you like to stay away from people called Adolf? Some names and some people seem sticky, as if they’ve been bathing in the vapor of boiling stalins and mugabes, hitlers and green colored charls mansons, you just don’t like them and they taste bad anyway.

So, when someone says that in Nebraska they mean you need to go to the mountain and breath blue and green labs. They are pure love.

This is the sign you’ve been waiting for – street quote

If you don’t buy a lottery ticket every time a black cat crossed your path, you are getting it wrong, because black cats life matter. Especially to people with hernia. They should buy two lottery tickets and a spoon.

White signs are for trees, green signs are for symbols and red signs give you a black eye. I don’t why, don’t ask me, this is how the world is. Other worlds have different signs, that’s why the other words are not this world and are stupid. The sign for stupid and don’t go to other worlds is the same. Not a coincidence.

Signs are good. Follow the signs and you’ll be given the key to the next level. The are no signs at the next level. Only buttons.

Don’t believe everything you think – street quotes

Do you have problems falling asleep, because you get bombarded with a million thoughts, that seem so brilliant and important,  that it seems worth it to lose some sleep, because the world needs these amazing ideas, these thought masterpieces, genius mind creations, the pinnacle of greatness.. Yeah, those are pretty important,  you need to write them all down, because at night we all get access to the greatest human knowledge, that’s why we get such a torrent of amazing ideas, so you need to catch the best of them and amaze the world.

Of course if you believe any of that, you need more sleep ;).

Happiness is the way you choose, when you are not looking

People can say anything about happiness – “Money doesn’t bring happiness”, “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get”,  “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”, “Happiness is a warm puppy.” and so on, and so on..

Basically anything can be happiness if you choose to see it that way, but you know what? I think we are being programmed and brainwashed every day to be blind for it. Think about it, you watch a tv show and you want what they have, you watch the stars and want what they have – all materialistic and in most cases, not what you really need.

Some of us can’t even see it, that’s how early the program has been installed in us. We also don’t want to see it, because the truth is too painful.

Do we hide from it, do we ignore it or do we have our celebrity-reality-show-fake-people-false-idols-commercialism goggles on?

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. ” ~Guillaume Apollinaire

The world is weird.

DON’T THINK! Graffiti and the truth spotted in Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Reality or conspiracy theories? No one wants you to think. You are more valuable as a brainwashed consumer, a busy bee,  sheeple – work, buy, sleep, repeat.

Or maybe we ARE rats in a maze. We are all being tested, who is going to work it out we are living in a prison and finds their way out, or at least try, and who is going to wonder mindlessly, attracted to the next piece of cheese, the next flashy phone, the next brick in their mind prison’s wall.

Or maybe there’s nothing else, nothing beyond our existence. We are not a part of a game, not a part of a simulation and we are just being manipulated, used and abused by greedy interests. Which scenario is worse?

Source: Unsplash